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Yngwie Malmsteen, a master of the guitar. In this video I like to point out a few scenes, which I find marvellous.

At 4:10 he unveils his magic. He gains speed and at 4:30 you hear that sweet vibrato.

From 4:36 he makes his way up and finishes with a  4:41 with a little “scream” (I imagine it like that).

If you now listen closely you can hear that little pattern, first high, then a bit lower and finally he reaches 4:49. It has that little imperfect sound (yet it sounds perfect to me !)  and I somehow connect it with “pain”.

4:57, it doesn’t even sound like a guitar(and that’s why I like it :p ), just like some sort of singing/screaming.

At 5:05 he finishes his sweet rant.

Way of life

What is this text about:

This may be my most important post (until now). I’m watching a lot of youtube videos and some day I found a so called “motivation video”. Until now I have never heard those words so clear, they really changed something in me. I’m writing about:

The videos:

(They are basically the same, but with minimal, yet important differences)

For most of you, those will just be other stupid “motivation” videos on youtube. But on me it had a tremendous influence. In these videos, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells about his “rules” to become successful. He has a few rules  and clues and I will refer to them. The first video was the one, that inspired me first. The second one came later one.

1. Dig deep down and ask yourselves – who do you want to be?

Obviously, must of us are running around like zombies. They are not conscious and they just want to be slave workers and liked by everybody else. So they forget about their real dreams, they betray themselves and don’t get what they want, they don’t even try! So first of all you have to find out, who you want to be and what makes you happy, no matter how or what other people think about it.

2. Break the rules

Most people are living in a social construct, they can’t get free and are behaving like programs. But if you always follow the rules and if you stick to the belief system that other people have, you won’t discover yourself and/or other things, you will be trapped if you always do the same. So break the rules (if it has to be) !

3. Trust yourself

If you don’t listen to yourself and you think you won’t get what you want because of the reason xyz and you always listen to other people, you won’t make it. So trust yourself!They say you can’t do this or that?  It has never been done before? Then do it and you just will be the first person who has done it.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

I colored it, because this is my absolute favourite. It gave me a lot of power and I’m still using it. “You can’t be paralyzed by fear or failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it’s the right thing to do, so don’t be afraid to fail”.  Pay no attention to the people that say it can’t be done! Just because they are stuck in their belief system,  doesn’t mean you have to do the same! I want you to understand something very important, it may also change your life. If you want to accomplish something, if you want to reach your goal and you know you are ready and you trust yourself, but you are still afraid to fail, you won’t make it. BUT if this is the only reason for NOT doing something, the reason “I could fail”, then you know immediately that it is a stupid reason and not enough to NOT do it. So whenever you have fear in yourself because you fear you could fail, this reason is not enough und you should see this failure and overcome it. DO the thing you want to do. If you don’t try it, you can’t win. If you try it and you give your best and you get what you want, very good, if you don’t get what you want(you failed), then you always know that you did your best at this time and this will be so much more satisfying. You failed? Alright, but you gave your best and that counts. The real failure would be to live in fear.

5. Don’t listen to the naysayers

There are a lot of people around us, who want to limit us, they tell us that we can’t do something and that it is impossible. It may be impossible to them, but you should listen to yourself! Forget about those losers. Pay no attention to the people that say, it can’t be done.

6. You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pocket.

If you want to reach your goal, you have to work for it, there is no way around it. If you are just waiting for something to happen, it probably won’t be happening. YOU have to do it. If you are like me, you are a bit lazy and you don’t want to be invest time in your project, once you know the secrets, it may get boring. But if you want to get good at something, you have to work your butt off.

“When you are out there, partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter and someone is winning, just remember that”.


Why Am I telling you this?

Today I met with a few friends. We got into a topic which is very difficult for me to handle. “Fortunately” my friend understood me wrong and missinterpreted what I said. But this was a huge problem for me. It was like a lie and I don’t want to lie to my friends. ( 1. Who do you want to be? A liar? NOT ME, I won’t lie just to hide some sort of weakness) . I couldn’t admit it at first, I was not ready to correct the false statement immediately. But afterwards I could do it. I have to admit, that this was probably one of my most difficult challenges in my whole life. Only with the rules above could I do this. I really had to use all my strength and mental force to overcome that (no enemy is harder then yourself! I have learned that now) Living with that lie would maybe have destroyed my “ego” over time or at least gave me huge trouble. For them, this will just be a stupid information and they will probably laugh at me. But for me, I’m the greatest winner right now. Anything else than the truth would have been false.

So maybe this rules may help you to find your way and give you inspiration.






Evolution Theory

If evolution is just dying and randomness, then where are all the incomplete creatures? Where are the cripples? Now some smartass will say -> they died!  Well, yes and no. In order to get to those “perfect” creatures which we can see today, you need cripples to create them. So they were already good enough, otherwise they would have died! BUT they still developed! (Why, if they were good enough?) So where are the cripples today and where are the cripples from the past? For example a spider, it can shoot webs (yes they exist), they can’t develop in one generation, they need SO much more time -> so much more cripples.  Why are there just “complete” creatures and no “cripple” ancestors? Where are the cripples?!

Tony MacAlpine – Tears of Sahara

Neoclassical Metal is one of my favourite genres.  I already mentioned Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine is another master of his art.  At young age  he could already play piano and he decided to learn guitar when he was still young, so you can easily understand where his classical influence comes from.

This music video is probably his best, the song great, the video simple and fitting.  I like to detect patterns or sounds that stand out.

In this case we have a pretty simple song with a great melody and underlined sounds.

For example, 1:37, simple and nice and shortly after you get surprised by a fast attack, it’s not easy to pick that fast. 2:19, a deep supressed sound. 2:55 is just a fantastic flow.

At 3:14 you can notice that this time he is playing differently, he starts higher, stands more out, but with his awesome vibrato he catches the the attack and let it ring out, shortly after that comes my favourite part, the intense vibrato with the tremolo 3:21. At last his motivating flowing rush 3:45 to make it to the goal with a good ending.


Don’t forget to check out this guy! It’s an excellent cover.

3:08, his hand movement, good expression, great vibrato and of course his sound, it sounds a bit overdriven, but that is what I like so much. 3:18 fits perfectly : )

I thought I’ll tell you my dream, because it’s very educational. This dream was the second one, which is kind of the movie “Inception”

I became aware, not “conscious”, but just aware, the dream started. I saw a few schoolmates, but they seemed to be very young and I wondered, why are they so young? Suddenly I figured, that I am in the past, that was the only explanation.  I thought “wow, this is my chance, I have a lot of knowledge and I can alter my whole life”. I sensed that I was unstable and that I could be thrown back into the “future”. Funny, I thought that much, but not enough to become really conscious. Luckily my “reality” stabilized and I was very happy, I went to sleep in that state or I wanted to sleep und I got kicked back into the future, or woke up, something like that and everying was over. Now I thought ” well, that sucks”, but I experienced a lot of cool and strange things, which I don’t want to mention here. The most important part is, that I hold tight to the idea, that I was in the “real world”.  I was completely sure about this. (That happened in another dream too). I took it for granted.  Then I woke up again and I was back in the ” real world”.  If you have undergone something like that and you watched the movie “Matrix” you may see the world with different eyes.

Another fantastic guitar player.

Steve Vai’s music is not easy to grasp, but some songs are just great. 4:27 highly concentrated and fast playing. 4:44, watch that picking, 5:00, he is on the wave and 5:08 gives me the thrill *wwwwwaaauuuu*.

“I know you are here” is a very melodic piece  and I can’t get enough of that certain  passage at 5:45, especially shortly after, when he stands up.  5:59 seems to have a deep impact on me.


I chose my blogtitle because of that awesome dream I had today, maybe I’ll tell you something about it.

One of the best performances ever ! Yngwie Malmsteen in his prime time, excellent show, amazing music.

I don’t know if it is some kind of acting, or real expression, but it doesn’t matter, I’m really amazed about his show. I could point out a lot of scenes where I enjoy this piece the most, but I would have to mention a lot.

Why not, let’s try it. First, have a look at 2:20. Just look at him ! And hear that sound. 3:42 and then he is motivating the crowd.  And I guess this part is my favourite on, beginning at 6:19.  That high tone at 6:23 and finally rocking away.

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